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 What is the greatest tragedy of war? Now you may say that’s obvious, it’s the death. All those lives, particularly of young men cut tragically short, those lives that could have been long and happy and fulfilling, those men who could have go on to raise children, learn things, teach things, pass on knowledge, build things…make the world better, death is the worst thing about war, but this isn’t about the biggest disadvantage of war, this is about the greatest tragedy of war.

 It’s not about the destruction, and yes entire cities get leveled, infrastructure stay nonexistent, economies get wrecked and set back decades if not centuries, all this things are bad but we need war to find out how good we are, how brave, how self-sacrificing, how noble, how inventive we can be, because war is the ultimate test. You may consider that people in peace times can do very brave things like setting business alone, but would entire families die if the business failed? No. war makes advances because lives are at risk, that makes scientist and chemists get more funds and it’s a united effort to defeat the enemy.

In the end wars are bad, but its they that make our technology advance, and that cannot be denied so that is the greatest tragedy of war.


Well, i had been busy with school, and honestly i didn't feel like doing stuff for deviantart on my free time at that time, so now that im on break from school, expect new stuff now ;P
Well i don´t have time anymore to publish stuff so basically my account will be dead until i get more time (probably never lol) so i write this you tell you that, sorry :(
Hi everyone first im here to say thx for your time reading this most of people don´t read this shit, but anyway i will say here things about meh:
-Im Socialist, but im not here to convince you to this cause lol
-Im Brazilian, and i'm proud of it, its a decent country.
-In the beginning i try to make videos in gmod but its hard, so today i make images.
-I have a dog
-I have some knowledge of WW2
-I have more than 1157 hours on gmod (its not that much)
-My favorite fictional universes is Half Life and Star Wars
-I only make my images when i have inspiration so...maybe i do 4 or 5 images per weak idk it can change...maybe (nah)
-I like anime, and maybe soon I will try to upload anime drawings...(maybe in future)
Feel free to ask something if you want.